In cases that repair actions need to be done on huge and bulky parts not easy to move to higher repair station our technical field team including the most qualified engineers having more than 13 years of experience and more than  250 cases of  successful operation ، regarding  on –site  machining along with 60  specifically  designed and portable machining apparatus ، will assure their most respectful customers of delivering the requested services with the highest work  quality standard in the shortest possible time.

 On- site machining advantages

1- Considerable reduction of production lines stoppage.

2- Elimination of extra costs regarding unnecessary assembly / dis assembly of parts and components.

3- Elimination of extra costs regarding transportation of parts or components and their possible risk of getting damaged specially the revolving componens.

4- Continued direct supervision and control on machining operations.

5- Acquaintance and training of company´s technical team with repair and reconstruction methods.


24 hours , 7 days a week Services