Flame Wire Spray


Max Special Tools company having the most experienced technical task group mostly been trained through the technical courses in England with than 20 years of great past experience proudly announces its prepared ness in the field of repair and reconstruction of  all industrial machinery components including mechanical seals shafts ، flanges، and also all kinds of parts used in the cement، steel، and power plant industries.

Repair and reconstruction of parts is done using hi-tech metal spray (surface coating technology) in which the metal  or the alloy،  regarding the required technical specification based on the kind of  part being processed ، is selected and then is melted and sprayed on the surface of the part in the  from of very tiny particles with great impact and speed .since ، in the course of processing the build – up heat on the part does not exceed 180ºc، the part will not be exposed to any kinds of stresses and therefore ، will not be under the effect of physical changes.

The process of metal spray technology can be used in rebuilding of worn surfaces of industrial machinery parts and components and regarding the variety of raw materials makes almost 130 kinds of coating in the following classification.

a- carbon steels

b- Stainless steels

c- Tungsten carbide

d- Coloured metals such as copper ، aluminum and so on

e- Nickel – cobalt alloys

f- Heat resistant coating and ceramics

Although industrial application of mentioned coatings may be infact extensive and numerous ، in brief those which are resistant to wear ، impact ، heat ، oxidation ، chemical as well as those used  in surfacehardening ( surfacing) are only some to be mentioned.

Exterior surfaced of rollers، crankshaft ، compressor and turbine shaft ، hydraulice and electro mechanic axles، as well as interior surfaces of cylinders( cylinders bore)، bearing and so on are only some instances that can be reconstructed using this methods.

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