On – site machining operation at first was customary in the ship and bridge building industries for rivet hole transferring of parts being assembled. That first technically done and documented on- site machining operation was about 109 years ago in the same ship building industry.

On-site machining at first was not a technical branch as it is today and mostly was carried out bay experts of the companies having limited facilities and technical information , and gradually with development technology and the needs of the industries for it , specialty companions in the field of on-site machining was formed                                                                                                                      

the first specialty use of the on-site machining was in ship building industry in the USA this machine which had the capability of machining parts ranging from 22 to 30 feet in  diameter was built  in 1907.

At present more than 70 countries in the world are continuously benefit of on-site machining services and and also more than 30 active companies have been identified in the field. The  MAX Special Tools company started its activities in the field of on- site machining works in 2003 and since the ranked among the fifteen superior companies in this field in the world.