Max special tools, company the initiator and executor of the on site machining operation without dismounting of part or displacing of equipment

in the course of manufacturing and/or repair of heavy industry machine tools and equipment , if some part of work requires machining which is not feasible by ordinary machine tools or its accomplishment is costly and time consuming our company(over 60 machines), requiring latheing, drilling , milling , grinding , metal spray and surface finishing operation on site with close tolerances as demande.

In cases that repair actions need to be done on huge and bulky parts not easy to move to higher repair station our technical field team including the most qualified engineers having more than 13 years of experience and more than 250 cases of successful operation ، regarding on –site machining along with 60 specifically designed and portable machining apparatus ، will assure their most respectful customers of delivering the requested services with the highest work quality standard in the shortest possible time

برخی از پروژه ها…


فلنچ فیسینگ

Flange Facing


متال اسپری انواع قطعات

Metal Spray


بیس پلیت گیربکس آسیاب کارخانجات سیمان

Gearbox Base Plate


هدوال آسیاب مواد

Ballmill HeadWall


اسلیپ رینگ ژنراتور

Generator Slipring


قفسه های خطوط نورد کارخانجات فولاد

Hotrolling mill





کوپلینگ تراش


our focus

More than 240 honor onsite machining, in various industries at home and abroad
onside machining

make machine

metal spray

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Power plants

Steel mills

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